Carbon Laser Facial

Young beautiful woman with a mask for the face of the therapeutic black mud

If you want the perfect complexion without pain or downtime then this treatment is for you.

Carbon Laser Facial, also called the Hollywood Facial is the preferred facial of celebrities  for red carpet readiness.

The Carbon Laser Facial is a very gentle non-invasive laser procedure with zero down time using activated charcoal to improve the radiance of the skin. The carbon is virtually blasted off the skin from the perfectly fired laser. Dead skin cells, makeup residue, clogged pores, oil and blackheads are removed, leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

First developed in Asia, it has now become one of the most popular Anti-Ageing laser skin treatments available. It is the ideal treatment for active acne and large pored skin. The laser facial reduces oil secretion, removes blackheads and refines enlarged pores. Patients with oily skin often enjoy the noticeable reduction in excess oil production in as little as two sessions.  It is an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh skin leaving the skin feeling softer, smoother and firmer. Many clients use this procedure as an instant pre party skin refresher.  As there is no downtime, resuming your daily routine is possible immediately after treatment.

Why choose Renude Laser for your Carbon Facial treatment?

Renude Laser uses the latest technology and organic and plant based products, with a 3 step enhanced protocol to achieve very smooth skin results. We avoid the use of harsh chemicals at all costs applying the best quality activated charcoal and organic rejuvenating after skin care.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is non-invasive and gentle, often described as a light tingling of approximatly 30 minute duration.

How many treatments will I need?

Immediately following the treatment you are likely to notice a smoothing of the skin.  Everyone’s skin is different so the recommended number of treatments will be discussed at the time of consultation. This treatment can be a wonderful “one off “treatment before a special night out or great for people with acne or who require large pore cleansing and reduction of oil over a few treatments. As The Carbon Facial gives significant improvement to one’s skin tone and texture, some customers choose to undergo regular treatments to maintain a good complexion.  2 weeks is often required between treatments.

What improvement will I see?

A reduction in pore size, a reduction in blemishes and oil and a rejuvenated, more youthful skin, is what you can expect with this treatment.  It is essentially a resurfacing with no downtime.

Benefits of the Activated Charcoal Laser Peel for Anti-Ageing

Shrinking of large pores

Increased skin tone and texture

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Scar shrinkage (young, small scars only)

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Laser for Acne

Reduces risk of Acne scars

Reduces black heads

Targets acne bacteria and shrinks sebaceous glands

Reduces oil production

Reduces sebum and gland size

Reduces the necessity of using harsh and toxic chemicals

Reduces the size of cysts and acne nodules

Treatment for back acne

Renude Cat and Gabriella laser tx

What do I need to do before and after treatment?

On the day of the treatment you will need to remove any makeup or moisturizers prior to treatment.

There are no restrictions of daily activities after the facial and sunscreen and makeup can be applied immediately.

The skin often has a flush appearance but subsides after a few hours. Rarely, some clients may experience itching or swelling for a few days, minor bruising or temporary hypo or hyper-pigmentation. Our patent pending procedure using healing light therapy can minimise any negative consequences.  As always with skin care, limiting sun exposure, smoking and stress will improve results. The longevity of the effects from the treatment is determined by the skin condition, skin type and lifestyle.

Carbon laser treatments can also be performed on the chest and back for the treatment of acne and blackheads.

The Red Carpet Ready Facial combines the added benefits of active rejuvenation, nutraceutical masks and light therapy. This treatment duration is one hour.

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For any health concerns, Dr Julie Epstein MBBS FRACP, an Integrative Consulting Physician with a long term interest in internal Anti-Ageing Medicine and Hormonal Imbalances is available for consultation at our premises. She investigates the whole body ecosystem and its balance rather than organ specific medicine. Evidence based medicine underpins Dr Epstein’s assessments, diagnoses and treatments.