Itchy Skin After Tattoo Removal?

The healing process following tattoo removal can be relatively easy with little to mild side effects for most. As with every medical procedure, tattoo removal has it own set of possible side effects and a post treatment itch is one. We have found that those clients who are more susceptible to allergies in our general […]

Pain Free Tattoo Removal ! – Now at Renude Laser

Pain Free Tattoo Removal ! – Now at Renude Laser Pain free tattoo removal for all skin types sounds exciting doesn’t it! Tattoo removal is a pretty special experience, unlike any other sensation really and actually not that pretty!  Renude Laser has always been at the forefront of research for helping limit pain by not […]

picosecond laser tattoo removal

Pico Laser Tattoo Removal: Not All Picosecond Lasers Are The Same!

Pico Laser Tattoo Removal- Not All Picosecond Lasers Are The Same! You might have heard terms like Nano or Picosecond or even IPL and possibly wondered what it all means? It’s all to do with the pulse duration. The ‘fraction of a second’ that the machine delivers the pulse of laser energy is what makes […]

minerals for skin care tattoo removal

Minerals For Skin Care and Inner Heath- Improving Tattoo Removal Outcomes and Ageing

Minerals, like Vitamins are important for many processes in the body creating inner health and have a significant importance for beautiful skin. Are you interested in; anti-ageing assistance, acne treatment or other skin condition concerns, healing properties following surgical procedures or even cosmetic procedures including tattoo removal? Understanding minerals for skin care and the body’s requirements to maintain healthy skin can be very useful.

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ice packs for injuries

Ice and Post Tattoo Removal Care – Friend or Foe? – The Latest Research

We have all grown up with the idea of using ice packs for injuries – after we sprain an ankle or strain a muscle to help reduce swelling as well as for post athletic recovery; in fact, we have been doing this for 40 years now. Over time, with advances in both technology and medicine, according to the latest research, ice packs should only be used for pain and for no longer than 10 minutes. Why? It seems that the application of ice for longer than 10 minutes impedes tissue repair, and this would also apply to use as an aftercare treatment post tattoo removal. Read more

Important Vitamins to Assist Healing, Ageing and Skin Health

The skin, the largest organ in the body is important as a defence mechanism and its health is a function of our immune system which includes what we put in our bodies. From ageing, acne, skin conditions such as eczema and even cosmetic procedures such as tattoo removal, abrasive and ablative skin care treatments, and the condition of the skin including its protective barrier is very important. What can complicate maintaining healthy skin is that the formation of vitamins and any reaction in the body requires certain complex biochemical processes. Stress, environmental and genetic factors can cause these processes to break down at different points creating individual patterns and problems for that person. Oral supplementation could be helpful here in some cases to re balance the body, but what can we do for the skin?

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Tribal Tattoo

The Trouble with Tribal Tattoos

We have all seen tribal tattoos and are probably quite comfortable with them, but what happens when someone’s “cool design” crosses over someone else’s cultural identity? Read more

Australian tattoo expo conventions

The Best Australian Tattoo Events in 2019

There are some great Aussie tattoo events coming up soon. Thousands of like-minded people that share your passion for ink ensures you’ll be immersed in the latest tattoo trends and techniques. An Australian tattoo expo is a great opportunity to explore the vibrant world of body inking, and also to bump into the best tattoo artists. You might find a local tattoo artist that can turn your vision for a great tattoo into reality. With live tattooing, daily tattoo contests, music, and performances on the schedule, making time for Australian tattoo expo in your calendar is something you won’t regret!

Each year there are national tattoo expos in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and smaller shows across Australia. So what’s coming up near you? Check out our list of upcoming Australian tattoo events in 2019.

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tattoo addiction

The Science Behind Tattoo Addiction- Is it a Reality or Fallacy?

Many people who have tattoos would generally agree that once they had one, it was hard to stop. With the rapid increase in popularity of tattoos over the last two decades, the number of tattoo parlours has grown as well as their repeat visitors. Statistics tell us that 1 in 4 people in Australia have tattoos, but are tattoos addictive?

Humans have been tattooing their skin for thousands of years. Otzi, a 5000 year old European mummy was found to have over 50 tattoo markings over his body. A tattoo can be cultural, a remembrance, a constant reminder of a thought process, a prayer, religious, or simply a work of art. The reasons behind a tattoo can be very personal, spiritual, tribal, decorative or whimsical.

Is it actually tattoo addiction that drives an urge for further body modifications?  Our biochemistry might hold some of the answers.

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immune system

Faster Tattoo Removal with our Top Immune-Boosting Winter Foods

Do you want more effective tattoo removal? Looking at your immune system is one way to really improve the tattoo removal process! Our laser machine that is specifically designed for tattoo removal is highly effective at breaking up the ink particles, however, it is your body that actually removes the ink! Your immune system is the work horse for tattoo removal. Read more