There are many forms of Collagen Induction available in the beauty industry including; Skin Needling, IPL, Radio Frequency, Thermage,  Facial Acupuncture, L.E.D therapy, Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion, Injectables, Ablative laser and Non- Ablative laser treatments. All methods will promote rejuvenation and therefore the induction of collagen.

Skin Needling is essentially based on the body’s natural healing ability. It is a controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair mechanism. The needles create micro-wounds triggering the production of new collagen in the area or “collagen induction”. The procedure is a proven treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks, often performed on the face but can be performed on other parts of the body. It however, can have a downside. There has been reported cases of the induction of facial granulomas due to an immunological response to topical ingredients during the procedure. Cases of hyperkeratosis of the face have also been reported and are most likely due to a breach in the skin barrier system. As the skin is fed by the gut, any traumatic treatments to the skin can create problems if the gut health is not in check.

Ablative laser treatments essentially remove the top layer of the skin. This treatment requires a lot of down time, more than any other collagen induction treatment available. As it is an intensive treatment, it would suggest a greater number of negative outcomes could occur. Treatments are quite expensive ($1000 plus) and results can be inconsistent.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light produces a very broad band of light which suggests inconsistent results unlike the Q-switched fast pulse one wavelength.

Thermage uses ultrasound to heat the deep layers of the skin to induce collagen. One well known blog site has 45% of people saying it was worth it with a minimum cost of ( $900- $4500)  per treatment so results appear to be inconsistent.

We have chosen two forms of light therapy at Renude for rejuvenation. A Q switched Laser ($220- $400 a treatment) as well as Cold Laser with L.ED. Safer, effective and positive outcomes, with minimal downtime.  Cold laser has many applications in the health, beauty and sports fields as it will increase oxygen and  promote cell renewal. Our Q switched laser can also target melasma, rosacea, age spots, large pores, acne and sun spots.


The skin can appear slightly red and flushed . Makeup can be applied within a few hours and any redness generally subsides in this time.


Many rejuvenation techniques utilise methods that can often remove the top layer of skin creating damage or tearing of the epidermis, the precious outer layer. Laser light safely penetrates this layer leaving it well preserved as the light stimulates the production of collagen within the dermis. Superficial wrinkles can also be targeted individually without damage. No numbing cream is required as the pain rating is extremely low.


Visible signs develop over a course of time, from 8 weeks to 6 months following the treatment and can continue for up to a year. A course of 3 sessions are required at 2 week intervals to achieve optimum results. Individual skin conditions vary the schedule. Maintenance treatments are also advised. Personal home care products will be recommended for the acceleration of the regenerative process. This are often powerful plant botanicals that are toxic free.

For sagging jowls and very deep wrinkles, the above mentioned methods are all limiting.

For best results, dermal nutrition is important to improve and maintain collagen and elasticity. Dermal nutrition is essentially the nutrition required to feed your skin from inside out. This can be down by Kinesiology assessment.

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