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Struggling with unsightly pigmentation, rosacea, capillaries and overall redness? Whether caused by sun damage, hormones or your genetic disposition, fractional laser rejuvenation provides a solution to skin redness that can’t seem to budge, until now!

Our Patented Micro-Ablative Fractional Laser Treatment

This treatment is a patented, world first micro-ablative fractional laser treatment that is safe on all skin types, unlike the common CO2 fractional laser.

This non-invasive treatment delivers a divided laser directly to the skin, helping it to target thousands of small microscopic treatment zones or ‘fractions’ of the skin at a time.

Not only does this treatment have the capacity to improve acne scarring but it also combats uneven skin texture, pigmentation as well as the first signs of ageing.

This treatment encourages skin repair in record time, providing an excellent solution for acne scarring that saves time and promises less discomfort.

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