Dry flaky skin is well known for many in winter, but it is not only cold weather that can cause it. Airconditioning, pools, salted water and even hot showers can be culprits in the fight to hydrate your skin. We’ve found 8 effective ways to help you battle the elements, keep your skin plumped up and to help prevent breakouts.

  1. Hydrate 

No one is unwise to this, but many of you do not drink enough. Plumping up the cells of your bod by hydrating from the inside out is always important. Aim for at least 2 litres per day particularly if you drink a lot of caffeinated beverages.

  1. Supplement with Essential Fatty Acids 

A little reminder that your skin is the largest organ of the body. I battled with snakeskin during summer particularly after the beach. It wasn’t until I improved my gut and added Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) to my diet that my skin really changed for the better. EFA’s like omega-3s and omega-6s are crucial for skin function. Supplementation of Omega 3’s in particular are important against photoaging, skin sensitivity, hyperpigmentation by U.V and inflammatory skin disorders, including acne. These polyunsaturated fats help the production of the skin’s natural oil barrier, critical in keeping the skin plumped and hydrated. And adding oil to an oily skin is not bad like it might sound as skin barrier protection is a by-product of EFAs, also most acne is considered an inflammatory skin condition. Everyone often thinks of fish oils regarding EFAs but you can also consider algal oils and flaxseed oils for vegetarians.

  1. Use a Facial Mist 

Using a high-quality Hydrosol facial mist which contains hyaluronic acid will help lock in moisture and attract hydration. We use an infusion of certified organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol with a bio-active complex of three Australian plums – Kakadu plum, Burdekin Plum and Illawarra Plum, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3. This Wild Plum extract has been shown scientifically to increase induction of collagen 1 important components of the dermis while increasing both short term and long-term hydration. It’s the highest source of Vitamin C in the world and Vitamin C is required to make collagen.

  1. Avoid hot showers

Quite simply, the heat in the water is depleting your skin of it’s natural oils. If a hot shower is adored, then the use of non- comedogenic (non-pore clogging) oils are important in your skin care routine.

  1. Swap to an Oil Cleanser 

For dry skin, oil cleansing is a go to in winter and summer and can be your saviour. Don’t be dismayed if you have acne either! Some oils contain salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid such as Pumpkin Seed Oil, found in our Neroli oil blend.  Salicylic acid is known to remove dead skin cells that clog pores which can be a cause of some acne. The Neroli Oil cleanser gently cleans, balances tone and nourishes the skin. Salicylic acid is your very gentle exfoliator. Double cleansing might seem a trek but to remove all makeup residue including grime and debris and making sure those pores are fully clear allows for better product penetration.

  1. Apply a Vitamin C Serum 

As mentioned, Vitamin C is required to make collagen.  Our serum combination is a super elixir of Australian super fruits such as Kakadu Plum, Knotgrass extract and Hyaluronic acid, the skin plumper. Anti-photo-ageing and while at the same time increasing hydration and reducing the depth of fine lines.

  1. Apply our Balm before bed 

Our golden balm is a massive nourisher. It has non-comedogenic butters and oils in this extremely unique formula works to protect and nourish the skins barrier like nothing else. Applying this deliciously sensorial balm before bed will have you waking with the plumpest skin possible.

  1. Apply a Mask 

Masks can make you feel like a goddess and who doesn’t want to be one of those. They are also great to keep breakouts at bay.  The Wild Berry and Honey Mask is a perfect mask for break out skin and the Hibiscus formula is for our rejuvenators. The super luscious honey based exfoliant / masque is rich in skin loving nutrients, antioxidants & the purest New Zealand clay.  A multi tasker, it acts as a skin brightener too.

Breakouts can be caused from many reasons including hormonal factors as well as stress. It is always important to address the cause. See our facial map below that demonstrates different areas of facial congestion. Kinesiology is a great way to assist in helping improve outcomes.

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For more information on skin care, this blog on collagen is a great place to start or if you are interested in a plant-based Vitamin A that is as highly effective as retinol for anti-ageing action without the photosensitivity or dryness then this one is for you. Vitamin A is also ideal to help with acne! It prevents congestion in the sebaceous glands and keeps the bacterial cause of some acnes at bay.

Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself a big hug. There is nothing like a bit of love and pampering to calm those stress hormones.