Kinesiology is a s diagnostic technique that uses muscle testing to access the physiology of the body. Via muscle testing, the practitioner has a window into the structural, nutritional and emotional status of the client. This knowledge, combined with traditional nutritional training, allows for more comprehensive diagnoses and treatment programs. When using muscle testing as a tool, factors outside of the scope of a the standard physical examination can be obtained and incorporated in treatment programs. This can be of great benefit to the client. Skin health is determined by what lies beneath. The gut micro-biome plays a very important role in relation to the condition of your skin. Gleaning an insight to this and discussing diet, along with food reactions and any sensitivities can be beneficial. Dryness of the skin,  excessive oil, bloating of the gut, rashes, Melasma and Rosacea can all have connections to gut health and detoxification pathways.