Sydney’s Premier Laser Toning Facial

Feel like your skin is in a rut? Struggling to combat the tell-tale signs of ageing such as texture, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles? The older we get, the more assistance our skin needsin order to regenerate. That’s where laser toning comes in.

Our Pico toning facial

In order to boost your skin from the inside out, our Pico laser toning treatments will help penetrate down to the lower levels of the dermis and stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. This will then help to combat skin issues such as

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • open pores
  • pigmentation
  • melasma
  • Acne
  • scarring
  • Rosacea
  • and much more

Laser toning treatments also assist with shrinking blood vessels that cause redness, helping to tackle skin issues such as rosacea, broken capillaries and burst blood vessels; creating a radiant, youthful glow.

Is there downtime post treatment?

Laser toning treatments are an excellent solution to target stubborn skin conditions with little to no downtime. Some individuals may experience redness and mild photosensitivity, however, with the right aftercare regime in place you’ll notice complete relief within a matter of a few hours.

Tone up at your nearest Renude Laser Clinic

If you’re seeking to transform your skin from within, be sure to book your next session at one of our Sydney clinics. Not only will you experience the best in care through the use of our medical grade equipment but you’ll gain added peace of mind knowing that our skin clinicians will be with you every step of the way.

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