Pico Toning – The Ultimate Facial

For the Ultimate Glow, Pico Toning treatments induce collagen, close large pores, removes pigment, fine lines and wrinkles to achieve amazing results. We use a six step process in this Ultimate Facial with a combination of PhotoThermal, Pico, Q-switch, Discovery Pico Fractional and Low Level Laser. We recommend 3 treatments for the most effective changes for fine lines and wrinkles. This is a gold standard treatment for rejuvenation and safe on ALL skin types, unlike other laser applications.

PhotoThermal is a deep treatment that shrinks the blood vessels that cause facial redness as well as stimulating collagen. Pico and our Q switch lasers will also stimulate collagen at different depths and help reduce pigmentation. Discovery Pico Fractional creates a greater collagen response for fast results with less down time than other Fractional treatments due to the specialised hand-piece ( micro-ablative as opposed to ablative procedure). Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized. Pigmentation is also minimised and pore size is reduced. Deeper dermal depth is also acquired. The combination treatments have been found to be the most effective for full facial toning,

We have chosen three forms of laser treatments at Renude for rejuvenation/ facial toning.

The Ultimate Facial is definitely the fasted and most effective to see changes. Numbing cream is best applied for this treatment 45 minutes before the consultation.

Pure Pico Toning – For extremely sensitive skin types and for those who have had strong complications from IPL or micro-needling treatments, we would recommend the Pure Pico Toning using our 1064 non-fractional laser combined with a photothermal treatment. Numbing cream is not required here. Pain rating of 2-3. “Re New You” is a Pure Pico Toning facial followed by the appropriate mask exfoliant for your skin type, LED and a serum infusion.

Low Level Laser– LLT has many applications in the health, beauty and sports fields as it will increase oxygen and promote cell renewal. This requires 10-18 treatments for results and would be the best choice for severe skin issues. No sensation is felt.

Our laser can also target melasma, rosacea, age spots, acne scars, acne and sun spots extremely well.

A Kinesiology consultation would be highly recommended to help address the underlying cause of very sensitive or damaged skin including conditions such as rosacea and melasma due to their gut/hormone connection.

Information regarding different laser applications are available by clicking on the links. They provide important information to help you understand different skin care applications available in the beauty industry including comparisons.

Downtime and After Care

The Ultimate Facial- The skin will appear red for a few days . Makeup can be applied the next day however it would be best to leave makeup off for 48 hours to not clog the skin. Gentle exfoliation is recommended on day 10-12.

Pure Pico Toning – The skin can appear red for a few hours. Makeup can be applied shortly after and any redness generally subsides in this time. Gently exfoliate on day 3. This is a great treatment before a special night out as it will make you glow!

Low Level Laser – No redness, no discomfort, makeup ready.


The Ultimate Facial – Fractional does create microscopic holes within the skin, however as it is micro-ablative photo-acoutic not ablative thermal energy, extremely fast healing times are now really possible because of the limited and controlled skin damage. Unlike the Discovery Pico Fractional, many other rejuvenation techniques utilise methods that can often remove the entire top layer of skin creating damage or tearing of the epidermis, the precious outer layer. Many of these applications are also inappropriate for certain skin types. This treatment is suitable for all skin types including Asian skin and is also possible on sensitive skin.

Pure Pico Toning – Pico and Q-switch Laser light safely penetrates this layer leaving it well preserved as the light stimulates the production of collagen within the dermis. Superficial wrinkles can also be targeted individually without damage. No numbing cream is required as the pain rating is extremely low.


Visible signs develop over a course of time, from 4 weeks with the Ultimate Facial and from 8 weeks to 6 months following the Pure Pico Toning treatment. The Ultimate Facial will continue to show improvements for some time. A course of 3 sessions are required at 4 week intervals to achieve optimum results. Individual skin conditions vary the schedule. Maintenance treatments are also advised. Personal home care products will be recommended for the acceleration of the regenerative process. This are often powerful plant botanicals that are toxic free.

For best results, dermal nutrition is important to improve and maintain collagen and elasticity. Dermal nutrition is essentially the nutrition required to feed your skin from inside out. This can be down by Kinesiology assessment.

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