Laser Tattoo Removal in Pyrmont

Plus rosacea, melasma, acne scarring & hyperpigmentation treatment

Renude Laser Clinic delivers expert laser tattoo removal plus more advanced treatments to our clients in Pyrmont. Offering efficient and relatively pain-free laser removal treatments through state-of-the-art technology, our qualified technicians are on-hand to take care of your most pressing skin demands.

We invest in a range of advanced laser technologies including our Fractional Pico laser and Low-Level light therapy, that offer a specific wavelength that reduces the appearance of tattoos and unwanted colour on the body. This ensures the best results possible, and a laser tattoo removal Pyrmont locals can be certain of.

Hyperpigmentation treatment in Pyrmont

Hyperpigmentation commonly refers to the appearance of dark patches, age spots and freckles. It is a result of excessive production of melanin caused by sun damage or hormone fluctuations. Here at Renude Laser Clinic, our Discovery Pico and Q-switched laser target the pigmented area and break down the melanocytes to even out the skin tone. Both technologies are suited for all skin types which means we can facilitate hyperpigmentation and Melasma treatment in Pyrmont and across Sydney.

Rosacea treatment in Pyrmont: Discolouration can also come in the form of red, inflamed patches, known as rosacea. Our laser rosacea treatment effectively targets exposed blood vessels and diminishes the overall flushed appearance. Unlike the IPL treatments, our pigmentation removal technology requires less number of treatments and little downtime.

Acne scarring and stretch mark removal in Pyrmont

We offer laser treatments that directly treat acne scarring and stretch marks. Acne scarring is the result of cysts and spots that burst on the surface, causing long-lasting damage to surrounding skin. Understanding how problematic this can feel, we administer laser acne scar removal for Pyrmont locals. Both our Pico Fractional Laser and Cold laser therapy effectively minimise embedded scars.

In addition, our advanced laser technology facilitates the removal of stretch marks, usually caused when the skin dramatically expands and silver-like lines appear. We’re confident that our laser stretch mark removal treatment is the pain-free answer you’ve been looking for.

Ready for smoother skin?

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