Special laser tattoo removal or modification offers

From time to time renude laser clinic likes to encourage new clients to experience the difference our world class laser machines and pre and post treatment technology make to your tattoo removal or modification.

These offers fun for a limited time and may have special conditions so read the information to find out which promotion might suit your needs.

Autumn Special – Get Rid of Your Ex!!

Angelina Jolie had her tattoo faded so she could get rid of her Ex, Billie Bob Thornton!

angelina jolie's arm showing laser tattoo removal of a tattoo which was of a previous partner on her arm

You don’t need a gun, you just need our laser gun! 😉

UNTIL 30 MAY 2016, new clients who prepay their treatments will receive 25% off our regular prices.

Prices start from as little as $65 per treatment. Typically most tattoos will require a minimum of 4 treatments.  Call us to book a complimentary consultation.

Remember you don’t need to get rid of all your art – just the bits you’re not happy with or would like to modify. Angelina Jolie certainly knew how to get rid of Billie Bob Thornton to make way for Brad Pitt… and who could blame her!

Phone us now on 0452 527 378 to secure your special deal as our appointments are filling up fast!