Superior technology, experience and service

Renude laser clinics offer the worlds most advanced laser tattoo removal service in Australia.

We differ from other laser tattoo removal clinics in the following ways:

1. We focus exclusively on tattoo removal

We don’t do wrinkles, hair removal or anti-aging. We specialise in the science, treatment and care of tattoos being removed or faded for redesign using the most advanced laser technology in the world.

The Quanta Q Plus C laser tattoo removal machine
superior technology

2. We invest in the best science-based technology in the world.

There are many types of laser machines out there but few machines can effectively remove all tattoo colours with accuracy, speed, low heat and minimal discomfort.  The Quanta Q Plus C is the most advanced laser tattoo removal machine in the world.

laser tattoo removal in elbow

3. We have significant experience in the science and art of healing bodies.

With 25 years experience in the health care industry, Dr Catherine MacInnes B.App.Sci (Chiro) ,Cert Laser, Cert LLLT, Cert Dry Needling AMAPAA), renude Clinic Director, leads a team of clinicians dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome from your tattoo removal treatment.

While renude laser clinic specialises in laser tattoo removal, it is also part of a larger community of health practitioners that includes Counsellors, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Hypnotherapists, Chiropractors, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists.

This means that our clients experience faster tattoo clearance times because their treatment protocols incorporate the vast knowledge and experience of additional healing practitioners and modalities.

4. We employ additional science and technology to clear your tattoo in a faster and healthier way

Renude are the only laser tattoo removal clinic in Australia to include as a standard part of the tattoo removal treatment, the use of additional science and technology in the form of Cold Laser or Low Level Laser Therapy which provides benefits of greater antibacterial protection, faster healing, and faster tattoo clearance times. You can read more about Cold Laser Therapy on this page.

cold laser treatment on arm

lymphatic system
square spot laser beam tattoo removal

5. We support your body to clear your tattoo in a faster and healthier way

Renude are the only laser tattoo removal clinic in Australia to provide our clients additional support for the body’s lymphatic and immune system in the form of an at-home Care Pack which includes specific remedies and dietary information to assist the lymphatic system to clear the shattered tattoo pigments.

6. We support your mind and spirit to make healthier choices to clear your tattoo in a faster and healthier way

Renude are the only laser tattoo removal clinic able to provide additional support for you mind, body and spirit for clients wishing to adopt healthier lifestyle choices like quitting smoking, which has a dramatically positive effect on tattoo clearance times.

It doesn’t matter whether you want your tattoo removed or remodelled – you deserve the best service backed by expert knowledge and the most advanced technology available in the world today.

ReLove the skin you are in at renude Laser Clinic.