We see all shapes and sizes of tattoos in our clinic keen for tattoo removal including letters and words, facial dots, radiation spots, full sleeve drawings, and even favourite pets or the dreaded ex!

It is not uncommon for clients to come in with a little stamp size tattoo and expect it to be gone as fast as a large thigh tattoo for example. It’s not that simple and the science of tattoo removal means depth and density of ink come into play. Also, an important note, unfortunately not all ink can be targeted in one session.

It is true that shaded tattoos will remove faster than the more deeper line work tattoos (ink density and depth) but we can only remove the same amount of ink from each section of the tattoo as much as any other. It is scientifically not possible to penetrate through the dermis to target all the ink at once. We also must wait in between visits for your body to remove the ink away. Yes, your body removes it- we just provide the mechanism for it to work.

The positive side to the story is that large tattoos can be removed just as quickly as small tattoos.

Tattoo removal is a complex science, and much is determined by the location of the ink which is governed by your lymphatic system, depth and density of ink which we covered, the condition of your skin and pigment within your skin (skin type) as well as varying colours of ink, if any.

Over the many years, we have written numerous blogs that examines the science of removal to help our clients truly understand the process.

A lot of small tattoos can be treated in one visit whilst some clients will treat a few different ones over a different number of years.

Rest assured, our technology is superior –the best in the world actually- the highest powered picolaser on the planet capable of treating all skin types successfully as well as shattering those ink particles into the smallest possible size, allowing your lymphatic system to move them away.