World first pre treatment

Cold/Low Level Laser Therapy will be used on the tattoo area to be removed to reduce pain and increase pigment clearance. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), a World First treatment application in tattoo removal will open the lymph channels to expedite the removal of dye pigments and a high frequency laser will be used to numb the area to pain as well as improving the local oxygen levels for faster healing. LLLT is a completely painless treatment and our clinicians have full training on applying this amazing healing laser. As tattoo removal is dependent on the lymphatic system to clear the fractured pigment particles, the LLLT will help fast track this process.

Prior to your tattoo removal, there are important steps that should be taken to help you achieve the best results.

Follow our immune/lymph cleansing diet to help maximise pigment clearance as well as the avoidance of smoking. Smoking reduces the amount of circulating oxygen in the system and makes it harder for your body’s immune system to work effectively in clearing the pigments. If you need our help, we can direct you to our in-house Hypnotherapist. Just contact us by email and we will help you arrange this.

It is best to keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight for up to four weeks prior to treatment commencement as well as using a high (30SPF) factor sunscreen. A slower healing process can result if the skin is sun affected. Keeping the tattoo out of the sun for 48 hours prior to treatment is mandatory. If you are excessively bronzed, it is best to delay treatment for approximately one month so as to reduce competitive absorption of the photons of light of the machine at the epidermis (top layer of skin).

Skin numbing creams can be applied up to a minimum of one hour prior to laser removal. These are available in chemists. As mentioned, LLLT will also decrease the sensation of pain.

Loose clothing is better to wear when you come for treatment as well as following treatment so as to keep the area of removal unrestricted and protected.