ReLove The Skin You’re In!

The Renude Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in Lane Cove, Sydney offers the world’s first free pre and post treatment for tattoo removal.

Sydney’s best laser tattoo removal

Renude Laser Tattoo Removal clinic in Sydney uses the Quanta Q-Plus C laser machine due to its superior ability to remove multi-coloured tattoos with ease and far less discomfort.

Successful tattoo removal is dependent on the location, skin type, colours, the amount of ink/layering, presence of scarring and the immune system. To achieve faster tattoo clearance times, renude laser clinic is the only laser clinic in Australia to combine laser tattoo removal with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as part of our pre and post treatment plan.

Superior technology, experience, and service

Renude laser clinics offer the worlds most advanced laser tattoo removal service in Australia.
We differ from other laser tattoo removal clinics in the following ways:
1. We focus exclusively on tattoo removal
2. We invest in the best science-based technology in the world.
3. We have significant experience in the science and art of healing bodies.
4. We employ additional science and technology to clear your tattoo in a faster and healthier way
5. We support your body to clear your tattoo in a faster and healthier way
6. We support your mind and spirit to make healthier choices to clear your tattoo in a faster and healthier way

Our treatment process

Come in for a free consultation and skin patch test.

Skin analysis and estimate number of sessions.

Pay upfront, or as you go. Interest free finance available.

Cold Laser pre-treatment.

Laser tattoo removal treatment using the best machine in the world.

Red Light Healing Laser post treatment.

Take Renude Care Pack home. Watch your tattoo fade.

See us again in 6 weeks.

Start your journey to reloving the skin you’re in!

Our No Sting Guarantee

When you commence treatment with us, we will indicate the number of treatments you will need to achieve the desired outcome.
If your tattoo does not achieve the outcomes we agreed at the outset, then you can continue to receive laser treatments
for FREE for a period of 12 months from your initial treatment.

What our clients say…

The guys at renude really know their stuff. I had such a bad experience elsewhere. These guys turned it all around. V happy!

J SampsonChatswood, Sydney NSW

I am finally free of an embarrassing tattoo that I’ve hated for ages. I still like my other tats but would recommend renude to anyone. Great job guys, thx!

S HendrenEast Ryde, Sydney NSW

I was stoked at the results achieved in just 6 sessions.

L TurnerLane Cove, Sydney NSW

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