Cold Laser is also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or Photobiomodulation

This is what it does

Boosts oxygen levels, activates natural pain relievers, reduces swelling and inflammation, speeds the healing process.

Who uses LLLT

NASA; over 3000 hospitals; 60 professional sports teams in the US including ice hockey, basketball, soccer, football, baseball teams; French, Canadian, US and Russian National teams use it as do US Air, Army and Navy Bases; the US Veteran Administration; Harvard Medical School; Liverpool and Man United football teams; and all forces in the UK. It was used on the MIR space station. The list keeps growing. It was introduced commercially in the 80s for cosmonauts as it is a safe, light weight, non-invasive, low energy device providing relief and healing for take-off, docking and re-entry trauma.

How it works

It is not a heat therapy, but more like photosynthesis in plants using low intensity lasers and light emitting diodes (LEDs). When LLLT is placed over injured, aged or sick cells, the light energy is absorbed exerting a chemical change. This stimulates the damaged cells to increase their energy production which is used to transform the damaged cells into healthy active cells.

When an injury occurs, the sharp pain usually eases off and you can be left with a constant dull ache. The damaged cells are then replaced with scar tissue. Targeting LLLT on scar tissue ‘softens’ fibrotic nodules of the scar tissue. This restores normal local circulation, allowing nerves to regenerate. Using LLLT over blood vessels has been shown to release more oxygen to damaged tissues.  LLLT can stimulate parts of the brain to produce natural pain relievers (endorphins) improving total body blood flow.  Applying cold laser to your body’s lymphatic drainage system will help move inflammation out and into the circulation. Not only can LLLT soften already formed scar tissue, it can reduce the formation of scar tissue. It creates growth factor secretion for collagen production.

Professional sports teams in the United States use cold laser as their “go to” treatment. Also, when a small device can increase blood flow by 10%, and decrease muscle fatigue by 87% many athletes are using it to enhance sports performance, and it is drug free!

6000 research papers have already been submitted to PubMed, one of the leading medical research libraries in the world, and approximately 200 a year are added. Many of those research papers are a result of over 48,000 patient treatment cases.

The cold laser therapy revolution - renude


What has it been helping?

Reduction of inflammation and swelling, non-healing wounds e.g diabetic ulcers, traumatic brain injuries, any musculoskeletal pain and injury, neuropathic pain, lymphoedema, orthodontic pain, stimulation of stem cells, sports performance, ulcerations from chemotherapy (oral mucositis), skin rejuvenation, post–operative pain, depression, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease, aged macular degeneration, and acne.

Examples of musculoskeletal conditions: REDUCTION of scar tissue in old scars and recent. PREVENTION of scar tissue formation in new injuries and post operatively, REDUCES neck pain in acute and chronic cases (proven more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)), SIGNIFICANT RELIEF and recovery from muscle soreness, SOOTHES knee osteoarthritis, REDUCES swelling from ankle sprain, RELIEF from back and leg pain.

We have been using a super pulsed laser for a few years now, enabling greater depth of penetration. It is also the only laser in the world with TARGET technology and TENS alerting us to the presence of tissue change below the skin, calculating the dose for accurate effective treatment and the reduction of pain. Our Sweep technology prevents tissue adaption.

Treatment time varies according to the condition being treated. It may last 1-2 minutes per point and up to 30 minutes in total. The treatment must be administered directly on the skin for better efficacy. You can feel a soothing warmness or tingling (if TENS is used). Patients generally experience results after 2 to 5 treatments. Super Pulsed light can reach up 10-13 cm deep.

Many injuries prevent a person getting back to therapeutic exercise. LLLT enables you to get back to exercise faster. According to new research, a small dose of laser therapy is superior to cryotherapy (ice) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories without the harmful side effects. MELT (Mobilise Elevate Laser Tape) not RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) is the proven way to treat for faster/better results.

How it can help you?

Decrease inflammation,  improve lymphatic drainage, spondylosis, tendonitis, relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce swelling, soften scar tissue and prevent scar formation, improve skin condition, relieve stiffness and improve range of motion, facial rejuvenation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, faster wound healing, relieve muscle spasm, improve microcirculation and immune response, increase blood flow and assist healing, promote relaxation of muscle tissue, venous insufficiency, varicosities and Raynaud’s, relief from fibromyalgia, improve tissue repair, increase sports recovery time, increase sports performance, injury prevention, relief from acute and chronic conditions including arthritis.

Yes, it seems Australia has been left behind on the benefits of LLLT for some time now.

No heat, no harm, just healing getting you back on your feet and keeping you there.  LLLT is muscle, heart, cell, eye, nervous system protection.

Join the rest of the world.

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Come join the cold laser revolution.

For an amazing insight into LLLT and all its wonderful benefits and far reaching applications, watch this incredible presentation to the United Nations Global Health Summit.