The Ultimate Smoothie- For Skin, Hair, Joint Health, Gut Flora, Immunity

Combining a red and green smoothie into one helps both lymph cleansing (red) and detoxifying toxic metals (green) and with the addition of collagen powder (joint, skin and gut strength) makes it “The Ultimate Smoothie”. With both liver cleansing and lymph cleansing properties whilst  also providing very important antioxidants for cell protection and reducing inflammation […]

Collagen – Anti-Ageing, Healing, Joint Protection

Collagen – Anti-Ageing, Healing, Joint Protection Do you want fewer wrinkles, better joints and faster healing from injury? Collagen might be what you need. It is the glue that holds the body together and sadly, it declines with age. Collagen, the most abundant protein in our body, is an essential protein found naturally, and is the […]

Skin Nutrition

Kinesiology- Skin Nutrition

Kinesiology is a s diagnostic technique that uses muscle testing to access the physiology of the body. Skin health is determined by what lies beneath. Via muscle testing, the practitioner has a window into the nutritional status of the client.

fractional laser treatment on Asian woman

Fractional Laser Treatments – All You Need To Know!

Fractional laser treatment uses a device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of minute treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time (approximately 5%). Various passes are made with the laser to receive a greater area of coverage depending on the condition on which is treated. Discovery Pico Fractional […]

minerals for skin care tattoo removal

Minerals For Skin Care and Inner Heath- Improving Tattoo Removal Outcomes and Ageing

Minerals, like Vitamins are important for many processes in the body creating inner health and have a significant importance for beautiful skin. Are you interested in; anti-ageing assistance, acne treatment or other skin condition concerns, healing properties following surgical procedures or even cosmetic procedures including tattoo removal? Understanding minerals for skin care and the body’s requirements to maintain healthy skin can be very useful.

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Important Vitamins to Assist Healing, Ageing and Skin Health

The skin, the largest organ in the body is important as a defence mechanism and its health is a function of our immune system which includes what we put in our bodies. From ageing, acne, skin conditions such as eczema and even cosmetic procedures such as tattoo removal, abrasive and ablative skin care treatments, and the condition of the skin including its protective barrier is very important. What can complicate maintaining healthy skin is that the formation of vitamins and any reaction in the body requires certain complex biochemical processes. Stress, environmental and genetic factors can cause these processes to break down at different points creating individual patterns and problems for that person. Oral supplementation could be helpful here in some cases to re balance the body, but what can we do for the skin?

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What type of skin are you? Take the Dosha Quiz to find out.

Using the right products can make a world of difference to your skin condition. Using the wrong products can aggravate dryness, acne, oily skin, skin redness and result in older looking skin. Your skin type (in Ayurveda Known as ‘Dosha’) is encoded into your genes. However, certain conditions can develop over time which can be […]

skin care

Skin Rejuvenation: Skin Care from the Inside Out

A newcomer in the world to the skincare industry is Dermo-nutrition and without a doubt, it is the greatest means of obtaining quality long-term results in skin rejuvenation. Clients around the globe are starting to learn that good lasting skin comes from the inside out and are looking at better and cleaner ways to improve their beauty routine without harm. Toxic chemicals are rife in the skin care industry, all of which can place a burden not only on your skin but also on your overall health due to their capacity to be absorbed into the bloodstream. There are also online blogs that have many examples of negative consequences of ablative laser procedures, not just for their long down times.

Dermo-Nutrition along with non-ablative laser treatments and other quality skin regimes can help clients receive results that far out way what they would achieve just with beauty skin treatments alone. Skin is the largest organ in the body and its beautiful barrier to the elements is determined by gut health and stress response. In essence, your skin is the reflection of your life and overall health.

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constitutional facial accupuncture

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Coming Soon to Renude

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture or CFA was developed by Chi-Akra Centre founder Mary Elizabeth Wakefield New York, USA and is now practised in five different countries. Read more

jojoba plant uses

7 Amazing Uses for Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba), is a naturally golden coloured oil that has many benefits for our skin. It is actually a liquid wax, not an oil that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant, a shrub that is native to south western part of the States. Native American women extracted the oil from the jojoba seeds using it for many varying forms of treatments including cuts and bruises. Due to our arid land in Australia, the jojoba bush grows beautifully here. While whale oil was once used widely in cosmetic preparations, seeking alternative solutions is where the jojoba story began. It now thankfully has taken its place, a beautifully versatile vegan replacement.

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