Pain Free Tattoo Removal ! – Now at Renude Laser

Pain Free Tattoo Removal ! – Now at Renude Laser Pain free tattoo removal for all skin types sounds exciting doesn’t it! Tattoo removal is a pretty special experience, unlike any other sensation really and actually not that pretty!  Renude Laser has always been at the forefront of research for helping limit pain by not […]

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Minerals For Skin Care and Inner Heath- Improving Tattoo Removal Outcomes and Ageing

Minerals, like Vitamins are important for many processes in the body creating inner health and have a significant importance for beautiful skin. Are you interested in; anti-ageing assistance, acne treatment or other skin condition concerns, healing properties following surgical procedures or even cosmetic procedures including tattoo removal? Understanding minerals for skin care and the body’s requirements to maintain healthy skin can be very useful.

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Important Vitamins to Assist Healing, Ageing and Skin Health

The skin, the largest organ in the body is important as a defence mechanism and its health is a function of our immune system which includes what we put in our bodies. From ageing, acne, skin conditions such as eczema and even cosmetic procedures such as tattoo removal, abrasive and ablative skin care treatments, and the condition of the skin including its protective barrier is very important. What can complicate maintaining healthy skin is that the formation of vitamins and any reaction in the body requires certain complex biochemical processes. Stress, environmental and genetic factors can cause these processes to break down at different points creating individual patterns and problems for that person. Oral supplementation could be helpful here in some cases to re balance the body, but what can we do for the skin?

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Tribal Tattoo

The Trouble with Tribal Tattoos

We have all seen tribal tattoos and are probably quite comfortable with them, but what happens when someone’s “cool design” crosses over someone else’s cultural identity? Read more

Australian tattoo expo conventions

The Best Australian Tattoo Events in 2019

There are some great Aussie tattoo events coming up soon. Thousands of like-minded people that share your passion for ink ensures you’ll be immersed in the latest tattoo trends and techniques. An Australian tattoo expo is a great opportunity to explore the vibrant world of body inking, and also to bump into the best tattoo artists. You might find a local tattoo artist that can turn your vision for a great tattoo into reality. With live tattooing, daily tattoo contests, music, and performances on the schedule, making time for Australian tattoo expo in your calendar is something you won’t regret!

Each year there are national tattoo expos in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and smaller shows across Australia. So what’s coming up near you? Check out our list of upcoming Australian tattoo events in 2019.

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tattoo addiction

The Science Behind Tattoo Addiction- Is it a Reality or Fallacy?

Many people who have tattoos would generally agree that once they had one, it was hard to stop. With the rapid increase in popularity of tattoos over the last two decades, the number of tattoo parlours has grown as well as their repeat visitors. Statistics tell us that 1 in 4 people in Australia have tattoos, but are tattoos addictive?

Humans have been tattooing their skin for thousands of years. Otzi, a 5000 year old European mummy was found to have over 50 tattoo markings over his body. A tattoo can be cultural, a remembrance, a constant reminder of a thought process, a prayer, religious, or simply a work of art. The reasons behind a tattoo can be very personal, spiritual, tribal, decorative or whimsical.

Is it actually tattoo addiction that drives an urge for further body modifications?  Our biochemistry might hold some of the answers.

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immune system

Faster Tattoo Removal with our Top Immune-Boosting Winter Foods

Do you want more effective tattoo removal? Looking at your immune system is one way to really improve the tattoo removal process! Our laser machine that is specifically designed for tattoo removal is highly effective at breaking up the ink particles, however, it is your body that actually removes the ink! Your immune system is the work horse for tattoo removal. Read more

chicken soup

Chicken Soup Good for the Gut, Good for the Soul

Chicken Soup Good for the Gut, Good for the Soul

Cold and flu season beware! Here is an easy recipe to help your immune system repair.

What’s great about this soup?

Simple- antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and contains potent antioxidants. Read more

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Nano VS Pico Technology for Laser Tattoo Removal

With the rapid increase in tattooing, there has also been a rapid increase in the demand for tattoo removal. Choosing where to go and deciphering all the marketing, including Pico v’s Nano technology, is not only really confusing but also time consuming.

The difference between picosecond and nanosecond lasers for tattoo removal is the pulse speed. Both are extraordinarily fast and both shatter the ink and shatter it well. However, some Pico machines don’t have enough power resulting in a nano speed. Renude Laser uses The Discovery Pico Plus which has the highest power on the market. This means less energy is required to receive great results also resulting in pain reduction. The faster speed enables a greater photoacoustic effect to shatter the ink particles that bit more.

The confusion for people seems to lie in the marketing campaigns by laser companies. Marketing is a very powerful tool and if we want to speak recently, is very capable of spreading “fake news”. New research from MIT has found that fake news travels far faster and is much more likely to be retweeted. Elections can be won and lost by it.  Wrong decisions can be made due to it.

One certain Pico technology company with older technology has been sued for their “removal” claims. You can read about it here. We were happily using a nanosecond laser until the technology improved beyond these older pico machines.

We have had many clients coming to us from all different clinics, including older Pico technology and Nano clinics unhappy due to false expectations and results received.

On top of having the most advanced Pico machine on the market, greater power, less energy and therefore less pain, we are also able to reduce our clients discomfort by a couple of notches with our cold laser technology.

 Tattoo removal requires a multi-factorial scientific approach and a “cookbook” method can never be applied whether Pico or Nano technology is used. Tattoo removal is dependent not only on a gold standard laser machine; but the health of the immune system, the location of the tattoo, the ink colours used, the depth of ink, the type of ink, and the age of the tattoo.

We were recently approached by another laser clinic in the U.K asking about our machine. The concern was that they weren’t getting as good a result as us. All the specifications of their machine were sent to us. My first question was where was the machine made? The answer was China and here lies another problem. No, not all laser machines are the same and cheaply made parts cause damage. We posted a blog not long ago in relation to skin damage from inferior lasers as well as inexperienced technicians.

Most Doctors have their preferred lasers and an important thing to remember is that these lasers are often used in applications other than tattoo removal.

Another recent contributor to confusion in the purposed improvement of performance outcomes is the very expensive PDF Patch available to M.D’s only. They are a transparent silicone patch infused with perfluorodecalin that apparently is designed to remove the frosting response, allowing the technician to treat the same area several times in one treatment. One laser training company (30 years’ experience) have performed several tests with these and found that they actually increase pain, will not reduce the amount of treatments, increase healing times, and when tested, they actually block the penetration of the laser rather than aiding it. Their conclusion was that it is basically a really expensive silicon bandage that gullible clinics have purchased in an attempt to reduce overall treatment time.

How Renude Laser is different

  1. Intrinsic knowledge of the immune system and the application of methods to improve the lymphatics, the methods in which the ink is moved out of the body
  2. Applying our patent pending technology to expedite tissue repair, reduce pain and swelling
  3. A tattoo removal machine designed specifically for tattoo removal.
  4. Internationally trained technicians
  5. Educated and active in Applied Sciences for 30 years and understanding that every client is different.
  6. Free Pre and Post Skin Care
  7. A laser machine that has a Photoacoustic effect not Photothermal effect ( sound versus heat)
  8. Square spot as opposed to round spot size
  9. 3 wavelengths to target all colours

The Discovery Pico Plus with its higher power, square spot size and fraxel component capable of eliminating superficial and deep tattoo scars is without a doubt a cut above the rest.

Unfortunately much of the Laser Tattoo Removal industry is clouded by misinformation. It’s not like you can “pop the hood” on the laser machine to see what sort of laser it is, let alone how powerful it is when you come in for a consultation. So much of what is said has to be taken at face value.

In many cases, even the operator or owner has fallen for the marketing. Other less scrupulous clinics must be aware their machine is either not suitable, even for black ink, or so weak in power that it will never remove a professionally done tattoo of any colour.  They will still happily charge clients good money and rely on the fact that most clients stay for 3-4 treatments even when they have seen no change in the tattoo whatsoever.

We have always gone with the science over the marketing, and have combined what we believe to be the best laser machine available, with our Patent Pending Cold Laser Therapy plus our pre and post treatment care to achieve the best possible outcome for tattoo removal.

For a free comprehensive consultation please call us on 1300 125 327

ReLove the Skin You Are In

skin care

Skin Rejuvenation: Skin Care from the Inside Out

A newcomer in the world to the skincare industry is Dermo-nutrition and without a doubt, it is the greatest means of obtaining quality long-term results in skin rejuvenation. Clients around the globe are starting to learn that good lasting skin comes from the inside out and are looking at better and cleaner ways to improve their beauty routine without harm. Toxic chemicals are rife in the skin care industry, all of which can place a burden not only on your skin but also on your overall health due to their capacity to be absorbed into the bloodstream. There are also online blogs that have many examples of negative consequences of ablative laser procedures, not just for their long down times.

Dermo-Nutrition along with non-ablative laser treatments and other quality skin regimes can help clients receive results that far out way what they would achieve just with beauty skin treatments alone. Skin is the largest organ in the body and its beautiful barrier to the elements is determined by gut health and stress response. In essence, your skin is the reflection of your life and overall health.

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