What Is Laser Fractional Treatments?

Fractional laser treatment uses a device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of minute treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time (approximately 5%). Various passes are made with the laser to receive a greater area of coverage depending on the condition on which is treated. Discovery Pico Fractional is a relatively new and beautifully effective micro- ablative laser addition to facial toning/rejuvenating skin care and acne scarring. It is different from other Fractional Pico machines due to the engineered micro-array hand-piece, concentrating the energy to achieve greater results without thermal damage.

Co2 10600nm or Erbium 2940nm lasers  are different forms of fractional ablative treatments that have been readily available and most commonly used. The negative with these forms of laser treatment is they create a potentially harmful thermal effect, unlike the safer, photo-acoustic effect of the Discovery Pico laser.  Co2 /Erbium cause coagulation or “melting” of the skin to a low depth, The Erbium slightly deeper. Discovery Pico Fractional is a Micro-Ablative Fractional Pico and is not only a less intense, but very effective treatment as energy is concentrated (without the heat effects) creating greater depth of penetration.

fractional laser treatments device and process

Marketing can be very misleading or confusing.  A well-known clinic franchise demonstrates “fractional resurfacing” by simply using manual derma- needling. So, yes it is fractional but it is not laser. Derma- needling has its positives and negatives. It is a cheaper form of treatment but it takes a lot longer to reach average to good outcomes including for rejuvenating and acne scarring. For many people it is insufficient for acne scarring. There have been reports, although thankfully rare, of skin tearing and sebaceous hyperplasia, due to derma-needling.

There are many lasers available on the Australian and U.S markets from Asia, offering lower power, yet actually requiring higher energy to be used ( less safe) that commonly results in Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and sometimes skin damage, particularly in Asian skin.  Many well-known Dermatologists in Taiwan and Korea are using our exact laser from Italy, very successfully as their gold standard choice of machines for pigmentation, acne scarring, melasma, rosacea and toning including fine lines and wrinkles.

Our micro-ablative Discovery Pico fractional laser works deeper in the dermis than other fractional lasers therefore is more effective, whilst still being a less intense treatment. Extremely fast healing times are now really possible because of the limited and controlled skin damage.  The treatment of very sensitive skins easily inclined to hyperpigmentation gets very high benefits from this innovative technology. The controlled thermal diffusion delivered via a photo-acoutic effect ensures utmost safety for all kinds of clients. The highest peak power of any laser machine on the market allows for less energy to be delivered whilst still achieving great results. Safe, Effective, Precision, Results.

There are only a few of these machines in this country, however no negative outcomes have been reported from the Taiwanese and Korean Dermatologists who have collectively performed over 10,000+ treatments with these machines.  There are always risks from any treatments, including skin reactions, more often due to a poorer immunity/ poor skin health. Gut health plays a large part in the condition of the skin. A derma-nutrition assessment would be a good start for any concerns. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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