If you have identified a tattoo on your body you wish really wasn’t there, you probably have a few questions. Among them might be:

• How much does it cost?
• How long will it take to remove?
• Will it get rid of the tattoo completely?
• Will it leave any scars?

But human nature being human nature, it could be that your biggest question is actually:

• Will getting my tattoo removed really hurt?

Before we get around to answering it (based on real data from customers), it’s important to note that if you really want to effectively remove that tattoo, there is only one viable option: laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is effective

You may have heard that there are other options, like tattoo removal creams, dermabrasion and even excision. But for a range of reasons, let’s take the short cut – trust us, they’re either not effective enough or there are too many unwanted side effects.

Laser tattoo removal is the only show in town when it comes to effectively getting rid of your unwanted tattoo.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

So finally, let’s get around to your important question, because you’re not being a wimp for asking it: does laser tattoo removal hurt?

We’re not going to lie and say their isn’t any pain during laser tattoo removal. But the real answer is probably not as much as you’re imagining. Ultimately, because pain is completely subjective, what “really hurts” to one person might not be a big deal at all to another.

It is also important to weigh up the short-term discomfort against the long-term outcome. Laser tattoo removal is really effective at getting rid of that ink mark on your skin.

Many people believe that laser tattoo removal is nothing short of “excruciating” – and you may have even heard that word being mentioned.

However, the truth is that most people who undergo laser tattoo removal actually report that getting it removed hurts about the same as it did to get it put on. Of course, just like getting ‘inked’, more sensitive areas like ribs, neck or the inside of our arm will hurt more. So if you can bear the pain of permanently marking yourself, you can bear the pain of permanently ‘unmarking’ yourself!

tattoo removal pain

What does laser tattoo removal actually feel like?

As is the case for anything subjective, it can be hard to answer exactly how much laser tattoo removal hurts. Some say it’s a bit like putting a rubber band on your wrist or ankle, pulling it back and feeling that ‘snap’, and then doing it again and again. Others report that it’s a bit like standing too close to the spitting fat while you’re frying bacon. In other words, exclaiming ‘ow!’ wouldn’t be out of place, but it’s not bad enough that it should put you off the idea. In short, it is painful but bearable.

The other thing to note is that the laser tattoo removal process is also fast – much faster than it took to actually get the tattoo applied in the first place.

Is there anything to help with tattoo removal pain?

A quality laser tattoo removal practitioner not only sympathises with the level of pain involved, but will do something to help you through it. We actually ask and document tattoo removal pain! Clients who have previously had tattoo removal elsewhere, typically reported tattoo removal pain as 6-7/10. Using a low level laser pre-treatment this was reduced to a more bearable 5/10. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a healing laser that reduces pain and swelling, thereby reducing down time.  The antibacterial blue light also reduces the chance of infections. This is a patent pending technology devised by our senior clinician.

Numbing creams can further reduce the pain scale by a couple of notches. A visit to your GP for a prescription numbing cream can have a massive reduction, depending on the level of active ingredients such as lidocaine. Our data shows some reporting tattoo removal pain as low as 2/10, but consult with your tattoo removal specialist and doctor first!

After care will help with healing and post tattoo removal pain decreasing the common itchiness experienced to a virtually non-existent level as well as reducing swelling and blistering. Even simple techniques like ice and topical creams can be useful, particularly if the tattoo is small.

Pain Free Tattoo Removal?

Pain free tattoo removal for all skin types sounds exciting doesn’t it! Tattoo removal is a pretty special experience, unlike any other sensation really and actually not that pretty!  Renude Laser has always been at the forefront of research for helping limit pain by not only implementing our patent pending technology of cold laser therapy prior to tattoo removal treatment, but also with our recently purchased Discovery Pico Plus laser, the highest powered picosecond machine in the world, we have been able to reduce the discomfort even further.

A higher power machine means less energy is required to achieve results, and less energy required equates to less pain! Our clients have been most impressed with this new machine and there are only a few in the country at this present moment.

But Wait, There is Much More

We now have anaesthetic injections and compounding chemist numbing cream available through our resident G.P.  It is important to note, that numbing cream, although very helpful can increase the number of tattoo removal treatments required by potentially one or maybe two.  For some people, it is totally worth it. Lasers work on wavelengths of light. White (numbing cream) reflects light, black absorbs light. This might be the answer to why black ink tattoos are more painful to remove than other colour tattoos. Sorry to all those black inked people, it’s true, however they are a little easier to remove.

More on White

White tattoos therefore do not remove well due to the reflection of the laser.  Interestingly, according to Inked Mag, white highlights are more painful to do in the first place than other parts of the tattoo process because white ink requires several passes to be saturated.”

Just remember, you can lighten your tattoo to go over it

Reducing the density of the ink through tattoo removal is something we do plenty of to fade a tattoo for cover up. This helps your artist create a piece you can really love, and it means they can be less heavy handed to do it as they are working with a “clearer canvas”.

Full Removal is Possible

So, if you want to go all the way to full removal, now you can do this a little easier here at Renude Laser.  Square spot size (no overlap or missing anything), three wavelengths for all colours (remember, white really isn’t a colour), highest powered picosecond so less energy (less energy = less pain and better skin), and a homogenous beam (even energy dispersion). The cheaper laser machines out there don’t have all of these benefits and can therefore cause damage to the skin as well as have limited success on removing your tattoo! Add our specialised pre and post low level laser treatment for less pain, faster healing and improved ink movement.

Then top that off with the help of our resident G.P and we will help you achieve what you wish with a little bit more relaxation involved to enable you to relove the skin you’re in!

The Return of Beautiful Skin

Unfortunately we see many tattoos that are scarred to varying degrees, whether deep within the dermis locking that ink in a little tighter, or very raised scars, locking in the ink a lot.  Scarring within a tattoo can happen from; a heavy handed artist, poor after care, a reaction to the ink or lactic acid injections. We have also seen scarring occur from inferior laser machines (uneven energy mostly). As part of our tattoo removal procedure, we include fractional laser treatments; this actually breaks down any scarring, with the bonus of inducing collagen which essentially regenerates the skin. Most lasers are incapable of this procedure and additional costs are often required to remove tattoo scarring.

The fractional laser treatment is much less painful than the laser removal process and is included in our treatments at no additional cost, even if the tattoo is not visibly scarred, fractional will help generally improve the removal process.  The best thing though is this machine is great on ALL skin types, an absolute first in the world!

Less Expensive Than You Think

Without a doubt, tattoo removal is more expensive than getting the tattoo itself, due to training and the high equipment costs etc, however laser tattoo removal costs are much less than compared to what they were years ago and the technology is far better too.

Renude Laser Clinics now offer Zip Pay to help you juggle life expenses and our experience and understanding of science help you get the results you want. Educated and active in Applied Sciences for 30 years and with an understanding that every client is different, you truly are in good hands!

In summary, if you’ve heard some reports about the “excruciating” nature of laser tattoo removal, one of these factors may have been involved:

What are you waiting for?

Get the best tattoo removal results in the fastest possible time.

• Out of date laser technology
• Improper use of the technology
• Ineffective skin numbing techniques
• Exaggeration!

So if you were brave enough to get that tattoo in the first place, you’re most certainly brave enough for the faster, less invasive and extremely effective process of having it removed. With the very latest in state of the art laser technology, having your tattoo removed won’t hurt as much as you may think.