So it turns out that choosing the best tattoo colours is not just a matter of preference – it’s also a question of future possibilities. Maybe you’re contemplating getting your first tattoo, or perhaps you’re a seasoned ink enthusiast wondering how difficult it might be to get one or two tats zapped off. But how much thought have you given to colour tattoo removal?

Are some colour tattoos easier to remove than others?

Yes, it’s essential to love your tattoo today. But also prudent is to think about the potential of colour tattoo removal before and after – how successfully can your tat be erased from the canvas that is your precious skin? The answers lie in the complex interplay of technology, skin physiology, and ink colours embedded in your skin. So before taking the plunge, ponder the chances of turning back the clock as we unravel the mystery of how coloured tattoo removal might not be as simple as you thought.

What do you need to know as you endeavour to remove colour from your skin? Let’s run through all of the most popular tattoo colours and their respective ease or difficulty of removal with laser technology:

1. Black ink

First, the good news. If you went back to black for your latest round of tattoos, you chose well: because they’re easily the easiest to remove. Why? It’s all about the colour’s superb ability to absorb all the laser wavelengths. Also, because dark pigment contrasts sharply with many skin tones, it’s easier for the lasers to target and break down.

2. Green & dark blue tattoos

It therefore makes sense that dark blue is another highly responsive tattoo colour for laser removal – as are most of the green ink tattoo colour range. These colours don’t quite absorb for full range of the laser spectrum like black does – but it’s pretty close, especially in the dark green tattoo range.

3. Red & orange

Have you heard that red is harder than other colours to remove? That’s definitely not true, because red is a primary colour – like yellow and blue as well. Start combining those primary colours with other colours and things get more difficult. So the really good news is that primary colours are pretty easy to zap off. Orange is, therefore, a little harder, because those primary colours are being mixed – but you’ll still get satisfying results nonetheless.

That’s especially the case with particular lasers that operate at specific wavelengths and can therefore specially target those red and orange pigments. Take note, however, that how successful the removal is depends quite a bit on the specific shades and the skin type. And if someone has told you that tattoo removal of red ink, or pink tattoo ink, is almost impossible, they probably haven’t read much about the Discovery Pico Plus laser machine!

4. Yellow & light green

We’ve already mentioned green – not super-easy but a lot, lot easier than the oranges, yellows and browns. But right now we’re going to talk about light green. For this brighter colour, with yellow at the extreme end of that spectrum, the laser energy is a bit less readily absorbed – and therefore harder to break down the hues. But don’t worry too much, because you might only need a few more laser sessions. And experienced laser technicians will tell you that while oranges, yellows and browns are hard, green isn’t such a headache.

5. Purple & brown

If black is easy to remove, then the same is basically true of purple tattoo ink – and brown. Right? Actually, these tattoo ink colours really vary in their response to laser treatment – while some shades will come off well, others can be stubborn depending on the pigment mix. Remember, purple is a combination of black, blue and red – so it’s definitely possible to laser off, but it can take some extra time as it can require switching from one laser technology to the next.

6. White & pastel colours

Similarly, if blacks are easy to zap off, whites and pastels should be difficult. And if logic led you to that conclusion, you’d be basically right – because the pale hues reflect a lot of the laser light rather than absorbing it. However, white often just blends into the natural skin tone, so there’s no need to worry too much. And that’s especially the case with the latest laser technologies, which used to make removal of whites & pastels a risk of making things even worse! But that’s not the case these days.

7. Fluoro or glow-in-the-dark inks

But if you thought white was difficult, there’s an even tougher customer – speciality fluorescent or innovative glow tattoo inks. And it’s not just because of the colours, but because of the unique ingredients and chemical compositions. Still, with the most advanced laser technologies and multiple skilled and patient sessions, you could get quite a happy outcome.

What are you waiting for?

Get the best tattoo removal results in the fastest possible time.

Coloured tattoo removal: Your gateway to a clean slate

So, the basic rule is clear: the darker the ink, the more successful the coloured tattoo removal will be. But even with lighter, brighter and speciality inks, there’s still a lot of hope – especially if you put your plans for a clean slate and a fresh start in the hands of Renude Laser Clinic, Sydney’s favourite laser tattoo removal specialists. Yes, it depends a lot on your skin type and the ink colour & quality, but another major factor in the best tattoo colours to remove depends on the laser technology and the expertise of the technician. And all across Sydney & beyond, Renude have earned a reputation for low-discomfort treatments that are safe with high and fast success – no matter the colour!

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