Did you know that effective tattoo removal, whether it is fading or removal, is also dependent on the health of your lymphatic system? We’ve got the best laser in the business to help you, but taking care of yourself is also really important.

We like to advise our clients on the benefits of certain foods to help flush out the ink. It is known that red coloured foods, purple in this case, are great at cleansing the lymphatic system. When we laser your tattoo, it is the lymphatic system in which the shattered ink travels, so keeping your lymphatic system healthy will help keep you healthy and move the ink more effectively.

The glorious blueberry. Blueberries are low in calories but are really high in nutrients, being one of the most nutrient dense berries. They are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fibre and Manganese and are believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruits and vegetables. The main antioxidant in blueberries is called anthocyanin. Anthocyanins have been found to reduce LDL cholesterol, protect DNA, lower blood pressure and have beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. The blueberry is therefore a mighty berry!

So, what are free radicals? Antioxidants protect our bodies from damage by free radicals. Free radicals attack our DNA as well as proteins such as collagen and elastin fibres found in our skin. Free radicals are said to cause 80% of all our aging. Chemistry 101 will tell us that free radicals are atoms or molecules with an unpaired electron. These make them unstable and are therefore perpetually on the lookout for another electron to steal. The majority of free radicals in our bodies are called reactive oxygen species or ROS and are a by-product of cell metabolism, necessary for normal biological processes, BUT not in excess. The idea is to reduce excessive ROS. Metals in tattoo ink and in the environment, smoking, stress and an unhealthy diet will increase ROS.

Can light therapy help? All of our clients receive the benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for skin healing, faster ink movement and pain modulation. Did you know that the mechanism of ROS is the theory behind the benefits of LLLT?!! Skin protection and anti-aging! We help open up those lymph channels as well with LLLT.

What’s so good about Chia? Chia seeds are said to be a richer source of Omega 3’s than Salmon. Omega-3’s are the vital fats that protect against arthritis and heart disease. Salmon Smoothie Blurk! – I don’t think so! Chia, a member of the mint family, also packs a punch nutritionally for very minimal calories with 30% of the RDA of Manganese and Magnesium, a large amount of fibre as well as the essential amino-acid Tryptophan. High in Protein and in Calcium, The might Chia came into notoriety following the release of the book “Born To Run”by Christopher McDougall bringing the Chia habits of the supper-runner Tarahamara people of Mexico to light. The balance release of sustained energy and high fibre content was said to keep them running for hours. As such, the Chia has been touted to help weight loss, mostly I suspect because it can keep you fuller for longer.

chia seeds


The Chia Pud – Chia seeds gel up when added to a liquid so you can easily make a chia pudding yourself for 1/2 the supermarket price by adding a 400g tin of coconut milk or mild of choice to 2 tablespoons of chia, some cinnamon and vanilla, leave overnight, and voila, you have pudding the next morning. add a little maple syrup or honey if you like it sweeter.

As chia seeds do gel up, there are 2 options regarding making your smoothie. You will need to drink it within 10 minutes, or, blend with half the milk, sit it for 10 minutes, and then blend again.



leafy greens help clear the lymphatic system to aid tattoo removal

Can food really make a difference? Many foods contain antioxidants that the body can use to mop up free radicals, blueberries being on of the best. leafy greens and other dark berries are also great. Another reason to make a smoothie. Here is a link to food that can help boost your immune system.

You can download our free Sink The Ink Detox Guide from our home page.


Blue Berry Smoothie – Free Radical Fixer Elixer


1 1/2 cups of almond milk or milk of choice This is the one I use

1 cup of blueberries

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

1 tablespoon protein powder for an extra power kick

(1 tablespoon of maple syrup if you like it sweet)

Add ice if you are not using frozen blueberries

Try a small handful of walnuts or 1/2 banana

1/2 cup of coconut water to decrease thickness if desired.


Add ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth


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