Great skin is the foundation of looking good and feeling good.

Here at Renude Laser Clinic, we have combined the benefits of light technology and skin nutrition to help create beautiful skin from the inside out.

Harnessing the power of light and therapeutic botanicals is one of the best ways to restore a compromised skin barrier.

We believe that skin care should be free of harsh chemicals and wherever possible organic. Unfortunately we haven’t met a commercial product that doesn’t contain hormone disrupting, carcinogenic and/or pore clogging ingredients. Harsh and toxic chemical peels are giving way to kinder and gentler treatments with minimal to zero downtime. New advances in laser technology offer non-intrusive alternatives for a variety of skin conditions.

Beatiful skin is more than just skin deep.

We believe that beautiful is a reflection of our internal environment. The treatment of skin conditions should addreess this internal environment as well.


Our advanced Pico laser is a unique solution for flawless skin. With the highest powered Pico in the world, it is gold standard for the top Asian dermatologists, as less energy is required to achieve results, enabling it to be the safest laser on the market. There are only a few in Australia tried and tested with over 10,000 treatments by our Asian colleagues. This versatile laser can remove most epidermal skin lesions such as freckles and sun spots, while also having the ability to treat into the dermis for rejuvenation and target discolorations such as Melasma. The micro-ablative ability with far less down-time than original ablative lasers is the gold standard for the induction of collagen.

The laser has wavelength settings that targets small vascular anomalies and can show improvement in conditions such as Rosacea. This particluar machine also provides zero downtime for other anti-ageing treatments, stimulating collagen growth and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


Our Pico laser is safer, more effective and does not generate heat. Its operating mechanism is photoacoustic, meaning light and sound energy. Fewer treatments for greater results.

The sum is greater than the parts. We have a patent pending procedural treatment of applying super pulsed healing light therapy, using an additional laser following all our high power laser procedures. Faster healing, faster results.

We advise a specific skin care regime for all our clients using the highest quality, pure botanical ingredients that are both therapeutic and luxurious. No cheap fillers, no nasty chemicals.

We are backed by knowledge in science and nutrition, the health of the body and most importantly the health of the skin.

For any further health concerns. Dr Julie Epstein MBBS FRACP, an intergrative Consulting Physician, with a long term interest in internal Anti-Ageing Medicine and Hormonal Imbalance, is availlable for consultation at our Renude Laser Clinic. She investigates the whole body ecosystem and its balance, rather than just organ specific medicine. Evidence based medicine, underpins Dr Epstein’s assessments, diagnoses and treatments.


What We Treat

Acne, large and clogged pores, oily skin

Facial Rejuvenation



Post Inflamatory Hyperpigmentation

Freckles and Age Spots

Low Level Laser Therapy for all skin healing