A newcomer in the world to the skincare industry is Dermo-nutrition and without a doubt, it is the greatest means of obtaining quality long-term results in skin rejuvenation. Clients around the globe are starting to learn that good lasting skin comes from the inside out and are looking at better and cleaner ways to improve their beauty routine without harm. Toxic chemicals are rife in the skin care industry, all of which can place a burden not only on your skin but also on your overall health due to their capacity to be absorbed into the bloodstream. There are also online blogs that have many examples of negative consequences of ablative laser procedures, not just for their long down times.

Dermo-Nutrition along with non-ablative laser treatments and other quality skin regimes can help clients receive results that far out way what they would achieve just with beauty skin treatments alone. Skin is the largest organ in the body and its beautiful barrier to the elements is determined by gut health and stress response. In essence, your skin is the reflection of your life and overall health.

The long term effects of Botox, a botulism injected toxin and fillers used for fast dermatology results is really unknown. These along with ablative laser and other quick fix treatments such as chemical peels can cause a failure of the barrier system of the skin. According to a leading dermatologist, aggressive procedures can cause destruction of enzymes associated with the production of collagen, hyaluronic and collagen.  A slower beauty movement is actually gaining a lot of traction with its holistic real result approach. There is now greater interest for non-invasive natural solutions that are integrative rather than purely cosmetic.

Looking at beauty from the inside out makes a lot of sense and can be incredibly useful for clients with acne, rosacea, melasma and accelerated ageing. Helping the body balance hormones and heal the gut can get to the root cause of weaknesses with the skin, hair and nails.

Working From Within

Kinesiology works through directly accessing the muscular feedback from your body (through muscle testing) helping establish what is required to bring the body back into balance. Finding the cause of the imbalance can generally take out the guess work!

Encompassing holistic health disciplines of Eastern and Western origin, the art of muscle monitoring is used to access information about a person’s wellbeing. Many people turn to Kinesiology when they have tried a lot of the standard skin care supplements and diet changes that haven’t resolved their problem. We are individuals and in so many cases, what we require or need to avoid is different from the next person.



Vegetables for skin rejuvenation


Eating Clean

The age old saying of “you are what you eat” is pretty bang on as far as skin is concerned. Processed and/or high sugar foods create inflammation in the body, disrupting or slowing collagen production. Healing congested skin doesn’t work superficially.

Many nutrients are essential for life, necessary for providing energy, building and maintaining body organs, and for various metabolic processes. The role of food in the cause of various skin disorders and skin diseases is well known. What you put in your mouth is therefore directly related to your skin. A sluggish digestive tract will create dull, clogged skin so using the right fuel for you helps all over health providing your skin cells the required rich ingredients.  Bloating is an example of a sign of malfunction of the digestive tract, common but by no means normal. The same applies for constipation and diarrhoea. These examples all affect toxic load and absorption capacity within the gut. It is considered that 85% of your immune function comes from the gut so an unbalanced digestive system can create inflamed skin. We encourage you to look beneath the surface of skin conditions such as dry, sensitive, dehydrated, red or irritated skin.


Support and maintenance

Stripping the skin by aggressive treatment is 100% of the medical industry standard such as chemical peels, retinol creams and other aggressive based procedures. Wellness in beauty really is about balance and working with your body to create your own beauty. Prevention is always far better than the cure. Using the correct nutrition for your body can really slow down the ageing process by preventing oxidative stress. Incorporate this with powerful plant botanicals for the right skin type to feed, nourish and renew your skin.


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